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About Us

K.A.S. Zainulabdin & Co was founded in1910 at Kolkata as a trading establishment. Over the years, the company transformed from interests in trading to manufacturing. Today, our stamp of quality is evident by our expanding global presence and by our strong network of customers, Vendor Partner and Suppliers.

The KASZ group comprises- Frontline business divisions, each catering to a specific Marketing sector and eminently backed by functional-Sourcing, Production, Quality Assurance, and Finance & Administrative. 

KASZ is a family owned group enterprise- all aspects of our business are professionally managed. Today, We are steered by Mr. A.K.Syed – Our Chairperson, who carries forward the vision of our Founder. 

Each of the business divisions and functional is headed by qualified people with several years of experience in the Textile industry and Marketing. Our vision is further realised by our 300 member strong workforce.

Manufacturing - Our facility includes 150 handlooms, network of weavers with 2000 Power looms, Own & contract dyeing facilities - producing 1.2 million metre quality fabric every month.


In India, KASZ & Co has 9 offices and 20 representative offices across the country. We have  Market – East – Manipur, Bihar, Assam and Orissa. North – Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi. South – Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In Overseas, we have strong markets in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Maldives and Qatar and now establishing in the Middle and Far East currently.